Hello, I'm Tudor Baştea, the creator of Traffic Index. I launched this website in October 2016 out of sheer frustration with the traffic situation in my hometown, Timisoara. Opting for a generic name, I envisioned the possibility of expanding its reach to encompass other cities and countries—a vision that soon became reality due to the overwhelmingly positive response Traffic Index received from the Romanian public.

This page describes how Traffic Index works. If you have any feedback, inquiries, or any other matters you'd like to discuss, please feel free to reach out to me via email at contact [at] trafficindex [dot] org. Your input is greatly appreciated!


Because it has become increasingly costly to collect, process, and host traffic congestion data over the years, I have decided to provide access to historical data only for users who purchase a subscription (referred to as Premium). If you're interested in purchasing such a subscription, please feel free to contact me.